We invite you to discover our next project: “Capvespre”

The day is almost over and the arrival of darkness threatens to immerse us in shadows. Nevertheless, night can surprise us with the pleasant view of the stars.

It is Capvespre, dusk, which has inspired thousand of poets from different periods and which has been used as a simile for reaching maturity in the twilight of life and finally to the peaceful preparation of a death to which we deliver ourselves with the certainty of having accomplished our mission and the tranquility of the future repose of our soul.  

This programme will lead us to this dusk, to contemplate the late afternoon and the appearance of stars in the sky throughout Esenvalds’, Rheinberger’s, Vivancos’ and Barja’s works. By means of Cervantes’ texts, we will talk about the decline of the three protagonists of Don Quijote de la Mancha, by interpreting R. Halffter’s Tres epitafios. Within the sacred polyphony, Jesus’ death and Virgin Mary’s candour will be part of our programme througout works by Lotti, Biebl and Britten.

But darkness is not eternal: at last night gives way to dawn and a new day begins, as a new life begins after the one we left behind. Light will arrive with the brilliant “O Lux Beata Trinitas” by Japanese composer Ko Matsushida, which will introduce the subject of resurrection. The programme will end with two energetic works by Mendelssohn and Sisask.