A Day of Light


We invite you to know our new project. “Un día de luz” (“A Day of Light”) is a journey from sunrise to sunset throughout feelings and music, light and shadows…

Every piece has been chosen carefully in order to tell/sing a little everyday story by means of the music. We will start, almost by surprise, with an impressive piece by James MacMillan called O Radiant Dawn. There are few better ways to describe a sun which will light all us up along this journey, in good and not so good times.

We will start the day itself with Morgenlied by Rheinberger and will come full circle at the end of the concert with a piece intimately linked to this morning song, which belongs to the same opus, called Abendlied. In this song, the Liechtenstein composer describes the sunset by means of musical textures, not at daylight or completely dark but almost in darkness…

In a more mystical tone, we suggest to start the first part of the morning with O Nata Lux by Lauridsen. If we think of the everyday life hundreds of years ago or want to get into the rites of any given day some centuries ago, this song intended to Lauds is simply perfect.

And we continue in a more profane and fun tone with the first series of songs by the romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, whose vocal music style, both for soloist or choir, marks a new milestone in the music history after the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

We are moving towards the middle of the day looking beyond the mountains still with Mendelssohn music written for female voices. This song prepares the centrepiece of the concert: Richte mich Gott. We have chosen this piece as the epicentre for two reasons concerning the text. First, it recalls the concept of “justice” introduced in the first piece: “Sun of Justice, come, shine on those who dwell in darkness” and then, at the height of the song the text says “Send us your Light!.”

From here, we come back on earth with three Lieder by Brahms chosen by the singers of the choir. They make reference to nature, rosemary aromas, the sunset in the forest… We welcome you to walk along with us.

We are getting close to the end with Wasserfahrt, whose first paragraph depicts a city with towers which appear on the horizon as the sun sets…

And calmly walking we will come full circle with Abendlied: “Lord, stay with us, for the evening is coming.”